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Managed Services

Stop buying downtime and start investing in uptime!


Managed Services

With the goal of giving clients more reliable performance with a more predictable expense, Golden Consulting, Inc. offers managed services plans to fit your budget and needs.

All of our plans are built upon the foundation of securing your computers and servers, monitoring your devices 24×7 to make sure that issues are identified before they become problems, and to making sure that problems are addressed as quickly as possible. This includes keeping your devices up to date and performing preventative maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance.


24/7 Monitoring of your deivices

Devices kept up-to-date

Preventative maintenance

Plans to fit your budget and needs

Network monitoring

How will a managed services plan benefit your business?

  • Move from always reacting to IT problems to being proactive about them.
  • Predictable, monthly IT support budget.
  • Take comfort knowing that someone is monitoring your network by working for you to avoid downtime.
  • Rest easy at night knowing that like a security monitoring system, someone is watching your network to keep your network secure and your data safe