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Business Continuity

How much downtime can you afford?

Protect your data keep your business running, despite the disaster

Stay up and running while systems are repaired and data is restored

Backup systems that are away from the reach of ransomware and hackers

Our chain-free, image-based backup solution, protects your data and backup data, and provides recovery in minutes, not days or weeks


Business continuity isn’t just backup​.

Employees accidentally overwrite or delete files, or simply misplace files. Files become corrupt. Hard drives eventually fail. Ransomware makes your files useless.

All of these are reasons why you need a reliable backup solution in place. But it’s not enough.

A server fails. How many days can you afford to be down while waiting for a replacement system and waiting days while the data is restored?

Or perhaps your network was infected with ransomware…AND they got your backups too! Your backups are now useless and you’re down. The number of small businesses that go close their doors within 6 months of a major data breach is staggering.