Partner Showcase

Who We Partner With and Why
Golden Consulting is always on the lookout for products and services that we believe can best fulfill the needs of our customers.
These products must fulfill the following criteria:
a leader or innovator in their field
• provide excellent value and return on investment for our clients
• the company must have a track record and “staying power”
• products that we use or have used

Below are the companies that meet those criteria, and why.
Datto backup is about more than just being able to restore your files when needed or recovering your systems after a disaster. Its about keeping your business running despite going through a file loss or disaster. Its about keeping your downtime to minutes instead of days or weeks. Its about keeping you working while waiting for replacement equipment to arrive.
With automated system mounting and screenshot captures, you get automatic verification and piece of mind knowing that your systems are backed up, bootable, and able to run or restore from. 
We were first introduced to the Astaro Security Gateway security appliance in 2008 and we were simply amazed with the product.  Sophos bought Astaro in 2011 and rebranded the product "Sophos UTM" for Unified Threat Management.  The product has continued to grow in flexibility and ability.  With a very easy to use management interface, it is also a very cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes since licensing is flexible--you only pay for the features that you need. Sophos introduced the faster SG series in 2014, featuring SSD drives and more memory. In 2015, Sophos introduced the new XG series. And in 2016, Sophos introduced Synchronized Security.  The first and only solution that let's the endpoint communicate with the firewall for an holistic approach to combating today's advanced threats.
Sophos has continued to impress us with their endpoint security and cloud management.  Gone are the days of needing a server to host management of your endpoint security agents or wondering about the status of your clients when they're off your network.
Eaton's power quality products are top of the line with industry-leading 3 year warranties (unit and battery) and great support.
With free phones, free hardware replacement every 3 years, and outstanding support, Cytracom takes business-grade cloud-based VoIP to a whole new level.

Kroll OnTrack

Ultimately, hard drives fail.  And whether its the end-user's laptop or the mission-critical server, when the data didn't get backed up for whatever reason, the data needs to be recovered.  While there are cheaper companies that can sometimes recover the data, OnTrack has always come through for our customers.



Microsoft has been the leader in operating systems and office applications for business for years and we see no end to that trend. Each iteration of their flagship product, Windows Server, just gets better and better. Microsoft Exchange Server changed the messaging landscape, and now they've done the same with Office 365!

Cisco's products have a proven track record. There is a reason they are the market leader in switching, routing, and wireless infrastructure. Cisco's products never let us down

HP Enterprise

HP's ProLiant line of servers are the best-of-breed when it comes to servers.

HP Inc.

Their business line of desktops, notebooks, and printers have proven dependable and reliable.